ModularReed Bed

Save whole of life costs with our innovative reed beds.

The modular reed bed uses individual media containment zones to create a modular system.

Areas of the reed bed can be left media and reed free to create solids capture and settlement zones.

Optional aeration is available using mechanical cascade systems or forced air injection devices.

Benefits of the ModularReed Bed

  • Delivered, installed and commissioned within as little as a day, reducing H&S risk by up to 80%
  • Small footprint can be up to two thirds smaller than traditional systems
  • No special preparation – only requires a flat surface
  • Compartmental design for grey water re-use and water polishing
  • Different types of media can be used in the same bed for flow balancing/storm water capture
  • Areas cleared or remediated without affecting the integrity or structure of the bed
  • Void zones can be left across the bed for solids capture/removal or aeration
  • Can be flushed and cleaned to remove any solids build up, prolonging the life of the bed.
The modular reed bed is suitable for temporary treatment and for storm water capture.
The ability to put large media at the front end of the bed enables the capture of non-degradables for easy removal.
A simple effective tertiary treatment system and a green alternative to mechanical or chemical processes.

ModularReed Bed Innovations

A green alternative to chemical tertiary treatment processes.
Small footprint up to two thirds smaller than traditional systems.
A one pass process for storm treatment, helping to create zero spill sites.

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